Thursday, October 10, 2013


The holidays are a time of tradition.  Well, it’s time for a bold, new tradition.  Ditch the old, faithful frozen turkey and take a walk on the Cajun wild side with a Turducken from Cajun Grocer. 

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.  We take a deboned chicken, wrap it in a deboned duck and drop them in a partially deboned turkey.  In between each layer of moist poultry we place a layer of decadent Cajun stuffing.  That makes SIX layers of Cajun-style flavor.  We offer 5 varieties of stuffing; it will be difficult to decide which one to wow your guests with. 

We know that we have the best Turducken on the market, but we may be a bit partial.  You know who isn’t partial? The Food TV Network and the Wall Street Journal.  The Food TV Network chose Cajun Grocer’s Turducken to introduce this Cajun concoction to the world.  The Wall Street Journal voted Cajun Grocer’s Turducken as Best Overall and Best Value. 

Speaking of value, our Turducken is only $71.95 (only $59.95 is you take advantage of the Early Bird Special).  Each Turducken feeds 25-30 people.  Not only will you be able to feed a crowd of 30, but also you will feed them a meal they won’t be able to stop talking about for only $71.95!  

It’s time for a new tradition.  It’s time to shake up the Thanksgiving routine.  Make a Cajun-style impact with a Turducken from Cajun Grocer.  Place your order here!