Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It’s a Chicken, inside a Duck, inside a Turkey

Make this Thanksgiving memorable.  Make it the Thanksgiving you finally order a Turducken.  You know you’ve been curious.  Kill that curiosity with 3 layers of poultry and 3 layers of decadent stuffing.  If you are still a little confused as to what a Turducken is, watch our latest video. 

It’s a chicken, inside a duck, inside a Turkey!

Cajun Grocer has expanded our stuffing flavors.  Now, you can choose from Cornbread Stuffing, Creole Pork and Cornbread, Seafood Jambalaya, Cornbread and Rice dressing, Creole Pork Sausage or Cajun Style Veggies.  Take a chance with the stuffing; we promise they are all amazing. 

As if you need another incentive to try the Turducken that the Wall Street Journal voted Best Overall & Best Value, you can earn reward points to apply to future orders.  Like the video says, Cajun Grocer has it, and your belly wants it.